Live Local! Shop Local!

Shop Suffolk utilizes proven methods designed to reach thousands of local customers in Suffolk looking for your products & services.

Event Marketing

Hosting or attending a great event? Let your customers know by posting them on Shop Suffolk!

Social Media

All events, blogs, and daily deals will be posted on social media channels to ensure your business gets maximum exposure.

Daily Deals

Offer daily, weekly, or monthly deals to your customers using the four-step process for setting up deals on Shop Suffolk.

Affordable Targeted Marketing

With local advertising costs averaging $500 and more each month, Shop Suffolk offers powerful marketing tools for less than $1.50 a day.

TV Advertising

Shop Suffolk will invest in local TV advertising to drive customers to your products & services.

Radio Advertising

Shop Suffolk will spotlight businesses through targeted radio advertisements while promoting LIVE LOCAL.

Print Advertising

Shop Suffolk will invest in local print advertising including newspaper ads, local civic groups, and direct mail campaigns.

Valuable Marketing Tools

Content is King and with features like built in blogging, call-to-actions, and rotating slideshows, Shop Suffolk lets locals know what your business has to offer.


Help your customer find solutions to their problems through educational content created to engage.


Provide locals with valuable products and services through custom call-to-action tools available on Shop Suffolk.


A picture is worth a thousand words. Shop Suffolk offers slideshows that can showcase services & products to local audiences.

Live Local! Shop Local!
Affordable Targeted Marketing
Valuable Marketing Tools

Addled by the complete lack of concise websites to find local businesses, the Shop Suffolk crew formed to fill the void. We are a locally owned and operated service that aspires to give you a compendium of businesses in our area, as well as incorporating stories of local flavor and history. We aim to be the only site you need for everything Suffolk!

Launching January 2017!